Hey there, my name is Ejike John and I am neither a professor or a teacher in a tutorial center anywhere in Nigeria. I am just an ordinary nigerian that struggled with passing exams in the past until I discovered the ultimate method to study and pass these examinations.

I have watched as students struggle to pass their JAMB, WAEC and NECO exams that it has become annoying.

If you find yourself in this situation then you have a friend in me because I feel your pain and have been in a similar situation in the past.

At a time it felt like I was cursed and couldn’t pass my admission exams no matter how much I try and read. I understand but when I get into the exam hall and can’t pinpoint the right answer even when the question is simple.

If this is you then in this blog you will find tips on how to study and pass your Admission examinations. I will reveal the ultimate secret of passing any senior secondary school examination.

It is not that difficult if you know the right things to do and how to prepare. If you are writing the exams for the first time, it is possible to get good grades and high scores on first sitting. Once again it is all about how you prepare for the exams.

It is my hope that you learn the ultimate secret in this blog and go on to be the best student in your center.

Feel free to leave me a shout out if you need personal consultation on how to get prepared.

Congrats for being here and good luck in your future endeavours.