CBT Softwares Cannot Help You Pass JAMB With High Score

CBT softwares with past questions can only help you get prepared for the exam but is not a guarantee that you will make a high score on your JAMB exam.

If you want to get a high score in the forthcoming JAMB examination, there is a way to go about it.

It is not textbooks, though they are important too, it is not tutorial centers even when they too are important. It is with past questions can you be able to pass your JAMB with a high score.

Even if you use past questions to study, there are ways to do it so as to make the most out of this technique. It is this technique I will be teaching you in this post so you can be able to pass jamb in flying colors without stress.

History of JAMB computer based examination (CBT)

The management of the Joint matriculation examination board (JAMB) looked into their system of examination and discovered that there was widespread cheating.

Each year, no matter the policies put in place, it was still easy to manipulate the system and help candidates with answers to questions thereby helping them pass easily.

Back then, the exam was paper based and it was a blast for education centers that worked hard to ensure their registered candidates got high scores.

I remember back then that there were JAMB registrations for regular and special centers. Regular are for people that want to attempt the exam on their own without assistance while special centers are for those that need assistance on the exam day.

Obviously, JAMB caught up with this act and cancelled results of centers that had a general high score average under the suspicion that there were massive irregularities.

Sometimes they were right and most times innocent and intelligent students and got high scores by their own effort were affected by these decisions. I know because I was affected back then

JAMB thought of a way to deal with the situation and this led to the launching of a computer based aspect of the examination which was a success.

CBT eliminated more than 90% of the paper based irregularities and ensured that students studied hard and deserve the score they got from the examination.

Even if you score 390 in your JAMB examination, your result will not be withheld because the system is a transparent one that ensures you are left alone with your questions to answer without assistance.

At the beginning, understanding how the computer based examination worked was a challenge for students and this led to the drive by tutorial centers to train their candidates on how CBT worked before their exam date.

Practicing with CBT softwares has evolved over the years and learning how to use it is no more an issue for JAMB candidates.

Students have now turned to these softwares as a means of preparing for their examinations which is a good thing. But not that effective if that is the only means you want to use to prepare for the examination.

The reasons are what I would help you understand in this post.

3 Advantages of CBT softwares for JAMB preparation

  1. You evaluate your preparedness for JAMB

With CBT softwares, you are able to evaluate your readiness for the examination. After spending months reading your textbooks and attending tutorial centers, what other way can you use to check on how ready you are if not with these CBT softwares.

I think they are one of the best ways to do so. This is why I am giving them a thumbs up.

  1. You train your mind to be ready for exam pressure

These CBT softwares come with a timer like a real exam situation so you are put under similar timing pressure to answer your questions before the stipulated time for each subject. 

If you train your mind to answer most of your questions before the time elapse, you will be well prepared for the main exam.

  1. You study at same time

CBT softwares grades you immediately and helps you identify questions you answered wrongly. This way you are able to learn of the right ways to answer a particular question.

Does that make CBT softwares the best tool to prepare for JAMB?

I don’t think so. The only advantage of CBT softwares it helps you learn how to be time conscious as you answer your questions. This way you learn to attempt most of your questions before the stipulated time elapse. Apart from this advantage, you cannot rely on it to be very successful in JAMB.

Talking about preparing, what is the need of finishing on time and still answering the questions wrongly. It means that you can be fast during the exam and still fail.

What is important is that you learn the right way to answer most of your questions correctly and on time. You can only achieve this with past question booklets.

How to use past questions to prepare for JAMB is what I am going to teach you in this post.

Why past questions are better

There is this beauty of past questions and it is the fact that they contain questions that JAMB examiners can only repeat. If you study past questions properly, there is a high probability that you will be able to identify the correct answers of at least 50% of the questions you will be asked on the exam day.

My reason is because examiners have asked all the questions there are to ask in JAMB. They can only recycle old questions and make them look trickier. That said, there are no new questions to be asked because for decades now most secondary schools textbooks have not been changed and there are no new publications with new insight to what we already know.

So with past questions, you are most likely to come out with flying colors if you study right.

How to use past questions rather than CBT to pass JAMB

Let me go straight to the point and teach you how you can use past question booklets to prepare for JAMB. 

  • First get your past question booklets
  • Get a pencil
  • Tick the correct answers to all the questions on the past question booklets
  • Start reading the questions and the correct answers like a regular textbook

Do not start until you have completely ticked all the right answers because there is a reason to that. Before you exhaust about 6 years worth of past questions, you will begin to notice the similarities in questions asked.

That is how you know that JAMB can only repeat questions but in a different format.

If you are observant, you will identify the system used in twisting questions and making them look trickier. Ensure you repeat each booklet about three times and for places where there are no repetition of questions, you would have learned something new.

The unrepeated questions might be repeated in your own time. At least you are better prepared for the exam.

My opinion on online past question websites or apps

In this post, I keep repeating past question booklets and not websites or apps. The system of study with these booklets is different from what you get with online past question websites or apps. 

Past question websites and apps are similar to using CBT softwares to prepare for your JAMB examination. They come with a timer and grade you after you are done.

The essence of using booklets is to provide you hands on questions and answers, and you learn on the go. When you are comfortable with the booklets and have repeated them for about 3 to 4 times, you can now try out your knowledge on CBT softwares, websites and apps.

You will see that you catch up faster than students that use only the softwares, websites or apps.

These sources are good for JAMB preparation but not the ultimate source. When I used this past question system, there was limited access to CBT softwares and online past question sites were rare. That did not stop me from coming out with flying colors as I used this past question technique to make the most out of my result.

Now there are multiple sources of preparing for JAMB at your disposal but first start with past question booklets, use others as additional resources.

I am very sure you will make good grades.


Do not get confused about this blog post, I am not saying that CBT softwares is useless for JAMB preparation. I am saying they are not the most effective tool.

You can combine the softwares, websites, apps and textbooks with your past questions booklets and I am sure you will come out in flying colors.