How Do I Answer JAMB Questions?

You can learn to answer JAMB questions correctly by first learning how to prepare for the exams effectively. JAMB is an objective type exam where for each question you are given options to choose the correct answer from. It is easy to pass just as it is easy to fail if you choose the wrong answer options. Studying the right way will surely help you spot the right answers on your exam date.

I know most candidates are of the opinion that JAMB is more difficult than WAEC. YOu are not entirely wrong, the complexity in the system of asking questions makes it look like JAMB is more difficult to scale through.

This is why most candidates feel tense when it’s time to write the exam that they fail to see correct answers even when the questions are simple.

You can learn to study right when you read right. JAMB like most other examinations have a system by which you can study and get a high score.

You will learn the technique in this post so that answering questions will be easy for you. Let us now go deeper into this topic to learn more.

Why JAMB Seems More Difficult Than WAEC

Formerly, I was part of the students with the mindset that JAMB is more difficult than WAEC. It was not until many years after I had gained admission did I begin to see the reason why most students fail the exam.

Yes, I agree that WAEC is more direct in setting questions which kind of makes it easy to answer their questions. JAMB on the other hand asks the same questions to make it look trickier and tougher.

Questions can only come from their syllabus which is also textbooks used in secondary schools. And if this is the case, why are students insisting the JAMB is difficult?

The first step to passing JAMB is changing that mindset that it is difficult and being open minded to learn how questions are being asked.

If you can do this, many secrets will be revealed to you as you study and prepare for the examination. Thinking that JAMB is difficult will cause you to make unnecessary mistakes. You might even see a simple question and not recognize the right answer.


You are tense and in your mind, every question that will be asked is going to be difficult.

Change this mentality as we move forward to teach you how to read and pass your JAMB with flying colors.

The Best Way To Prepare For JAMB

The best way to prepare for JAMB is to learn how to use your past question booklets. By past questions I don’t mean your apps, CBT softwares or websites, I mean the booklets you buy in bookshops.

There is a reason why I chose these ones because I will let you into the secret later.

If you really want to pass your JAMB, you must be ready to dedicate a bulk of your time with past question booklets – about 50% of your study time.

The reason is because more than 50% of questions you will be answering on that day will be repeated questions from your past questions.

Don’t expect them to ask you the same questions, literally. They might change a few figures and terminologies but it doesn’t change the fact that it is on the same topic.

The moment you are used to the question and answer session in your past questions booklets, you can be able to answer your own questions easily.

There are no new questions to ask so old ones can only be recycled by the examiners. You don’t have to be afraid of JAMB. All you have to do is be prepared the right way.

How to Study Past Questions Effectively

Here is how you are to study your past question booklets for better scores.

  • First get your booklets
  • Secondly, get a pencil
  • thirdly , tick all the correct answers for all questions in the booklet
  • Fourthly, begin to read the questions and answers like every other textbook or novel you own

I know this might sound like something too simple to do for a high score but I can assure you that it is more effective than your textbooks and lessons.

Before you repeat the past question booklets twice, you will begin to notice a pattern and how questions are repeated and recycled.

This method will also boost your confidence in a way that you will not be tense on the exam day. You are used to seeing as many questions as possible so there is nothing new about the trick they want to use.

What of Textbooks And Tutorial Centers

I am not saying your textbooks are not important and do not stop your tutorial center lessons. With the use of past question booklets, you will notice that your lessons and textbooks will become easy to understand, assimilate and retain in your mind.

From experience, I dedicated 80% of my time on past questions and the rest for textbooks. It was easy for me. But because it worked for me, I can’t guarantee it would work for you.

Just spend more time with your past questions and you will do well with the examination.

Use Booklets Then Websites, Apps And CBT Softwares Later

The use of CBT softwares past question websites and apps are also important for your JAMB preparation. That said, you can make the most of them to test how prepared you are for the examination.

If you don’t know how to operate a computer, a CBT software is what you need so as to train yourself.

The apps, website and softwares will also help you stay on tasks as they teach you to be mindful of time as you write the exam.

Being time conscious is also another important aspect of preparing, writing and passing the exam. Even at that, it doesn’t change the fact that the booklet is best for preparation.


From this post, I am of the opinion that if you follow the steps laid out here, you will surely be prepared for the examination. JAMB as an examination does not have to be as difficult as most candidates think it is.

It is this perception that makes them study with fear and hope that they will pass and get the cut-off mark for the course they want to study.

You don’t have to hope for a high score because you can achieve it and answer the right questions during your examination. It is my hope that you study right and be the best you can be on your examination date.

Good luck