How Does JAMB Set Examinations Questions: Secret Revealed

The most common way for JAMB to set examination questions is by recycling old questions. They can change figures and terminologies but that doesn’t change the fact that the topic remains the same. If you learn a smart way to study with past questions, you should pass JAMB with a high score.

There is more to this system that will make it easy for you to pass JAMB with flying colors. The use of past questions for study has a technique. If you don’t know this technique, you might be studying it all wrong.

There are different reasons why students download CBT softwares or buy past question booklets. Most of them use these means to test their ability and how prepared they are for the exam.

Some students are just afraid to fail the questions so they are scared of these past questions – that is why they don’t even use it.

But if you know how to read past question booklets, you will learn that JAMB has no new questions to ask but can only make former questions look new and trickier.

When you catch this trick, you will be smart enough to beat them to their game.

JAMB’s Secret In Setting Exam Questions 

In my post about tricks JAMB uses on candidates, I made mention of 7 different ways JAMB works to make students fail so they came back the next year to register for the exam again.

For every student that did not get admitted into a higher institution is another money in their pocket. Because it is almost normal for candidates that desire a university or polytechnic education to keep trying till they succeed.

This is why they apply different tricks in the questions they ask so as to get you to choose the wrong answer. You can only identify these tricks when you learn the best way to study for this examination and that is through past questions.

Why Past Questions Is The Best Way To Study For JAMB

There is something that is synonymous with examiners both in JAMB, WAEC and NECO. Your exam questions can only come from the textbooks you used in your secondary school.

JAMB is still for graduated secondary school students. There are no changes with the information in your secondary school textbooks.

Until a new research is done and an already known fact disputed, there will be no change in the information you read and study.

This means, the answer to a question asked in 1996 will remain the same even in the 2022 JAMB examination. If you understand this then you will know that all questions that there is to ask in JAMB have already been asked.

Examiners can only find smart ways to make it look new and trickier so you don’t get the point. Only students that are well equipped mentally and educationally can match the prowess of JAMB.

What of Lessons From Tutorial Centers

In your tutorial centers, have you witnessed a couple of times where a teacher lectures for hours only to ask questions on what was taught only for students to not know the answer.

It is also possible that you can read for hours only to be asked questions on what you’ve read and you are unable to answer them.

I know someone reading this post can relate to what I am saying because it happened to me in my time. If you feel me, then you should find a better way to study, understand, assimilate and retain information.

From personal experience, I can tell you that past question booklets solved this problem for me and I was able to study for JAMB in less than three months and I had a high score.

You too can do the same.

I am not saying that textbooks and tutorial centers are not important to your preparation for JAMB, but with past questions, you can have a better understanding on how JAMB set their questions, identify their tricks and answer their questions correctly.

How to Prepare For Jamb With Past Questions

The first step is to buy past question booklets for the four subjects that you will attempt in the examination. Let me reiterate the importance of getting hard copy booklets and not the CBT app, softwares or websites.

Even if they are the same past questions, they don’t offer the same means for exam preparation as the booklets would. 

After you’ve bought the past question booklets, get a pencil and start ticking the right answers to all the questions. 

Continue until you have exhausted all past questions.

When you are done, start reading the questions and the right answer like a novel or textbook. 

Don’t be surprised by this technique – I can promise you that it is the most efficient way to study. It not only helps you learn how tricky JAMB can be with repeating questions, it puts you in a state of mind to get used to questions and answer scenarios.

Even on the examination day, you will be calm because you have studied thousands of questions and answers.

I know someone might think that this is too easy and not effective, helepy the aim here is not only to get you prepared but to reveal how JAMB recycles old questions.

If you get the trick, even when they get trickier in your time, you will still beat them to their own game.

JAMB is an objective examination and this makes it easy to pass just as it is easy to fail. Past question booklets are your best friends if you really want to pass with a high score.

What of JAMB CBT Softwares and Websites?

CBT softwares and past question websites are also important in your JAMB preparation, but they are not the best form of study.

They can only be used to test your preparedness for the exam but are not the best for preparation.

The system I just taught you will help you learn the fastest way and understand your textbook and tutorial faster and better.

Why don’t you give it a trial and I am sure you will see what I am saying.

The best of all is that you will be more confident about what JAMB has to offer and will understand how they set their exam questions.

When you have this understanding, you are well prepared for the exam even in the shortest period of time and will definitely do well.

In Summary

There is nothing new or special in the way JAMB examiners set their questions. Your desire to understand this trick means that you want to study smart and hard – you are well on your way to a successful examination.

All you have to do is be confident that they can only recycle old questions and make them look trickier and new. Armed with this knowledge, you know where to search for answers, how to study and how to beat JAMB to their own game.

Good luck.