How to Prepare and Pass JAMB 2021 With High Score

Preparing and passing JAMB in 2021 without stress is absolutely possible. You don’t just pass the subjects but getting a high score is also very possible when you follow the right steps that will be explained to you in this post. All you have to do is be ready to study the right way and success shall be yours.

Success in Nigerian examinations is determinant on certain study techniques. If you know these techniques, passing in one sitting should be very possible.

If you think this tip is for you then continue reading because I have one of the best kept secrets of many past high scoring and successful JAMB candidates.

You can use their tips to prepare the right way in order to get a high score and admission into that dream university.

Is JAMB more difficult than WAEC?

This is the question most JAMB candidates ask especially when it is their first time attempting to write the exam. JAMB is not any more difficult than WAEC. Though what is common is that JAMB examiners have a trickier way of asking their questions which makes the general exam seem more difficult than WAEC.

WAEC is more direct with their questions because the exam is meant for students that are in the final year of their secondary school education. JAMB on the other hand set their question for candidates that are about to enter into an advanced level of education so you don’t expect questions from both examination bodies to be the same.

That said, their questions must still come from your secondary school textbooks which are stated in the syllabus listed by JAMB.

Just like WAEC, it is possible to study and pass with flying colors if you study hard and with the right study technique

Let us now take a look at the best way to study for JAMB so you can pass with flying colors.

How to prepare for JAMB

Here is a simple step by step process on how you can study for your JAMB to make a high score.

  • First get past question booklets on the four subject you intend to attempt in JAMB
  • Then you get a pencil and eraser
  • Tick the correct answers to all the questions for as many years as you can
  • Then you start reading the questions and answer like any other textbook.

Yes you read it right. This is the ultimate secret of passing JAMB with flying colors. I know it sounds too simple to be true but trust me, the best things in life are not that complicated.

If you were expecting me to give you the number of hours you can read your textbooks in order to pass JAMB then I hate to disappoint you. 

I have tried the textbook and tutorial center method of studying for JAMB and I can tell you that they have failed me. This is the only method that has worked for me. It worked for my junior brother and his friends and they are all in their various higher institutions.

Why past questions is very effective in studying for JAMB

Most JAMB candidates buy past question booklets just because they want to go through it and add it to their study materials.

A lot of candidates buy past question papers for buying sake with the mindset that JAMB has already asked the questions there and would not repeat them. 

Well you might be right if it was the immediate past year exam. But you will be wrong to think that there is a new question somewhere that JAMB examiners are yet to ask. For JAMB 2021 and future years to come, the majority of their questions will definitely come from past questions.

Even when the questions are not repeated literally, they would still be asked. There is no new research and disputes about what you have been taught in your textbooks and schools. So nothing is changing at the moment. 

For chemistry students, the chemical equation for water remains the same and has always been so for decades. It is the same with government, physics and any other subject in JAMB.

Do not underestimate the power of past questions because without tutorial centers and textbooks, you can still pass your JAMB with them.

What is good is that you can use this method and be prepared for JAMB in less than one month. Although you will have to spend more hours studying them because you have limited time. But if you have time on your hands, let’s say two or three months to your examination date. Dedicating about 2 to 3 hours daily for each subject should get you very prepared to smash JAMB.

Before you exhaust five years worth of past questions, you will definitely begin to notice the pattern in repetition of questions. Then you will begin to see that there is nothing new about the questions and there will be little or no difference in the questions that will be set in the 2021 examination.

The power of JAMB past questions

Have you noticed that you can spend hours reading a particular textbook only to be asked questions on the topic and you still cannot answer them?

Have you also noticed that in tutorial centers, a subject teacher can lecture for hours and throw a question on what was taught and no student in the class can answer it?

If this is you then you will begin to appreciate the power of past questions booklets.

Past question booklets put you in a state where you are faced with the examination questions and the answers shown to you immediately.

Even if you don’t know the subject that well, you will be able to pinpoint the right answer when similar questions are asked in the examination hall.

With past questions, you get to have an idea on how JAMB examiners are going to ask and twist their former questions in 2021. 

You will not be tense because you have read and understood hundreds of different types of possible questions that might be asked. 

You can read textbooks for hours and enter into the examination hall with tension with fear that the section you read might or might not be part of the questions asked.

But with past questions, you will definitely meet at least 60% of past questions there. The rest 40% can be answered with common sense because they will definitely be related to the past questions. If you are sure of 70% correct answers in each subject, we are looking at a 270 JAMB score and above, depending on how much effort you put into reading your past questions.

In summary

For your own good and if you want to prepare for your JAMB and pass with flying colors, dedicate more than 60% of your study time on past questions. You will surely see how easy it is to pass this JAMB.

I am not disputing the effectiveness of textbooks and tutorial centers. They too have their place in the study for examinations. From a personal point of view and from four years experience of trying to pass JAMB, I can tell you they are not the ultimate channels to high JAMB scores.

Gone are the days when there was expo and you could pay for a special center. CBT has made it impossible to pass JAMB without studying. The only available option is seeking the best way to study, pass and come out with flying colors.

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