How to Score 300+ in JAMB

Scoring 300 in the coming JAMB examination is very possible when you study the right way. The reality of an average JAMB candidate is 250 and above, a score that can get you admission into prestigious universities to study the courses of your choice.

If I may ask, how do you study for your JAMB examination?

Do you read your textbooks according to the syllabus?

Doyou hire private tutors or attend lessons at tutorial centers?

Or do you combine all channels?

How many hours per day do you dedicate to studying for your JAMB examinations?

Do you read by day or by night?

These are many questions that one needs to ask themselves in their preparation to score at least 300 in their JAMB examination.

To attain 300 and above you need at least 75% score with each subject. Now that is a milestone that very few students can achieve.

Do not think it is impossible because it is. If I knew the secret I had now back then, it would have been possible to beat the 300 mark.

That said, I didn’t do bad myself. With the trick I am about to teach you, I was able to score 273 in my JAMB score and go all the way to make the merit list for mechanical engineering.

You can do the same and make more than and I did and who knows, go on to reach your dream score. I am not just teaching a trick on how to pass JAMB because I think it works, it is because I have tried it, taught people how to use it and it worked for all of us.

Now you can learn it too and become a high scoring JAMB candidate that can make his/her parents proud with your result.

Without much ado let us go into the secret of making 300 in your coming JAMB examination.

How to prepare for JAMB to make 300

Here are the two things you need to prepare for JAMB.

  • Past question booklets for the four subjects
  • Pencil and eraser

I know it sounds like a joke but I kid you not. With these two tools you can go on to become one of the best JAMB candidates in your center.

Here is how to combine your pencil and JAMB past questions booklets. By booklets I don’t mean past question apps, CBT softwares or websites, I mean the paper based past questions booklets you buy in the market. Online sources, softwares and apps might be the same question but both don’t have the same function as the booklet and I have my reasons.

When you have bought the booklet, take your pencil and tick the right answers for as many questions as possible. Stop when you are tired and continue after you have rested.

It is important that you tick all the right answers in the past questions. When you are done, then start reading this past question like you are reading any textbook.

You read a question, you look at the right answer. I know it sounds simple but trust me, passing your JAMB is that simple.

Don’t think that ticking the right answer makes it easy for you but on the contrary, there is a reason why I want you to tick the right answers. The reason is what I am going to reveal to you in a moment.

Why past questions can help you get 300+ score in JAMB

Mind you, I am not telling you not to read your textbooks or abandon your private tutor or stop attending your tutorial center for lessons, I am only giving you an additional secret that works best.

It has worked for many people and I know it would work for you.

Moving on, let us now look into my reasons for preferring past questions to other sources of studying for JAMB.

Do you know that it is possible to spend hours reading a textbook only to be asked a question on what you’ve read and you still will not be able to provide the correct answer?

Have you noticed that there are times a teacher will spend an hour talking in class only to ask a question on what was taught and no student can confidently answer the question?

It doesn’t mean you don’t understand what you’ve read or what the teacher is teaching you but there is a difference between reading and being in a state of mind to answer questions.

Past question booklets do not only teach you but prepare your mind to be used to questions and answers scenarios. Examiners set questions by pulling them out from in between the hundreds of words and lines in your textbook.

Unless you train your mind to identify this system of answering their questions your reading for hours might be in vain. 

Passing JAMB is not about having full knowledge of a subject but being able to provide correct answers to questions asked. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend studying, if you fail to provide the correct answers to questions asked, you will fail JAMB.

Training your mind to be prepared for questions and correct answers is all you need to pass your JAMB.

JAMB repeats questions

Another advantage of using past questions booklets to prepare for JAMB is that they repeat questions. Before you exhaust five years of past questions, you will begin to see the pattern in question repetition.

Before you go round the booklet, you would have come across common questions that JAMB does repeat year after year.

It is now left for you to read further about these questions in your textbooks to understand more. But if you don’t have time to start reading through hundreds of pages of your textbooks, then past question booklets are your shortcut quick study.

Even if there are questions that were not repeated, the possibility of meeting these questions on your exam day is very possible.

When it comes to examinations in Nigeria, there is no new research and no new scientists have disputed the knowledge you acquired in your textbooks and in secondary school.

What I am trying to say is that there are no more new questions that can be asked because sources of questions have been exhausted.

What JAMB examiners can do is twist old questions to make them look different and more challenging. It doesnt change the fact that it is the same question. 

All you have to do is identify the way these examiners try to trick you so you don’t get confused when you see similar questions.

The moment you are able to be smart about these things, I can assure you that you will come out of your exam smiling because it feels like JAMB handed you the answer to their questions.

If you combine past questions to proper study, making 300 in your JAMB score is possible. People that make high scores in JAMB have a system. I don’t know of any other system that works but mine. 

I can only vouch for this one and I know it can work for you if you put your mind to it.

In summary

Some students are worried that JAMB is more difficult than WAEC. This is why after spending months studying, then enter the hall tensed and wondering if they are prepared for the exam or not. 

The moment you begin to doubt your ability, even if you see a question you recognize, you might be confused about the correct answer.

Confidence is important in any exam and I know you can be successful if you do it right. JAMB is not supposed to be difficult to pass because achieving the 300 mark is very possible.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and success will be yours.

Leave me a comment on what you think of this system.