How To Start Preparing For JAMB

There are a couple of ways you can start preparing for your JAMB examination. You could start by reading your textbooks based on the syllabus laid down by the examination body. Next you register for lessons at the tutorial center near you or hire a private tutor. The best of them all in my experience is making use of past questions booklets.

These methods can be effective based on how you go about it. But if you want to pass with a high score, you better learn how to make use of your past questions because in there hides the secret of successful candidates.

JAMB has been known to be more complex and advanced than WAEC. If you understand how easy or difficult it is to pass and fail JAMB, then you know that starting on time to prepare for the exam is the wisest thing to do.

That said, most candidates are not aware of how serious this is which is why there are lots of late registrations in JAMB. most are unable to make their decision until JAMB announces a closing date for registration.

Most students don’t take their studies seriously until a date for the exam has been set – only then would they begin to search for the best ways to prepare for JAMB in less than a month or week.

Well, I am not an advocator of late registration and preparation for exams. However, there are ways you can study if your exam date is close and you have not covered all the areas of study in the syllabus.

Let us take a look at how you can proceed.

Why Past Question Papers Are The Best For Preparing For JAMB

Whether you are starting on time or your exam date is near and you feel like you are not prepared, you can make use of past questions to prepare for JAMB.

It is also possible that you come out with a high score if you study right with the use of past question booklets.

The good news and bad news is that JAMB is an objective examination where you have to choose the right answer from the options provided with each question.

This way, it is possible to have a high score as it is possible to have a low score. 

If you don’t put yourself in a situation where you can feel comfortable with the pressure that comes with questions and answers, you might read for months and still have a low score.

JAMB has tricks they use in setting their questions, reading your textbooks alone cannot teach you these tricks. Past question papers can help understand the tricks.

JAMB has no other means of coming up with new questions to set. They can only recycle old ones and make them look trickier and new. 

If you understand this logic then you know that even in your forthcoming exam, you might find at least 50% of past questions twisted there. 

Learning how it is twisted helps you spot the magic.

Even if it is mathematics, it is the same formula but the figures might be changed. 

All you have to do is read and understand the questions very well and the answers and you will be ready for your exam.

How To Start Preparing For JAMB With Past Questions

You can start preparing for JAMB by:

  • Buying the four past question booklets of the subject you are attempting in JAMB.
  • Getting a pencil
  • Start ticking the right answer to all the questions in the booklet
  • After ticking all the answers, you start reading the questions and answers like any book or novel

Please note: Do not start reading until you have ticked all the answers for all years in the booklet. There is a reason for this as it would help with your preparation and study.

The aim here is to help you identify similar questions and tricky ones. And do ensure you go through the whole booklet at least twice or thrice depending on how much time you have on your hands.

There is a reason why I want you to buy the past question booklets and not use websites, apps or CBT software. From the system I explained above, you can see that the idea is to read the questions and answers like a novel.

You will begin to notice a pattern on how JAMB set questions before you exhaust 7 years of past questions. Before you repeat the full booklet for the second and third time, you would have memorized different types of questions and their right answer choices.

When you get to the exam hall, choosing the right answer will be easy the moment you spot and recognize a question you’ve always read in the booklet.

What of Websites, Apps and CBT Software?

Well, I will not say past question websites, apps and CBT softwares are not important in the preparation for JAMB; it is just that they are not the most effective way to start reading for the exam.

These are the tools you use when you want to test your knowledge and preparedness for the examination. They are not the best tools to use preparation.

You can use them once in a while but don’t focus on them mainly. You can start using them a few weeks to your exam date so that you can see how much you’ve learnt.

Why Past Questions Are Better Than Textbooks And Tutorial Centers 

I am not saying you shouldn’t read your textbooks or attend tutorial centers, i am only saying you should put more focus on your past questions papers. They will help you understand your lesson and textbooks more.

In a situation where you focus on textbooks alone, it is possible for you to understand and prepare for the exam. But have you witnessed a scenario where you study for hours then you are asked questions on what you have read and you are not able to answer correctly?

In your tutorial centers, have you seen a case where the teacher lectures for hours only to ask questions and none of the students can answer?

Yes it happens.

Not because the students do not understand what they were taught, just that question and answer mindset is one that you can train.

You can only help your mind get prepared for questions when you teach yourself how. You can do this with past question paper booklets.

In all the material you want to start using for JAMB study, past question papers should take about 50% of your time.

It will be a time well spent on preparation.

In Summary

There is a technique to passing any examination and most tutorial centers don’t teach it. They know that if they do students will not need them anymore.

That is why they charge thousands of Naira and put you through months of classes. Most times, you might not understand what is being taught and even when you do, they don’t help you answer questions being asked.

From experience, I have seen students fail only because they go to work and attend classes only. On the exam day, with no assistance, they freeze in class and are unable to make the required cut-off mark for the course they wanted.

This doesn’t have to be you. You can start preparing the right way and pass with flying color.