How You Can Study JAMB Effectively For A Higher Score

If you want to start studying JAMB but don’t know how to effectively prepare for the exam, then this post is for you because the best route to study will be revealed to you in this post.

Reading all the textbooks you have can be daunting and take long especially when your exam date is near. The most effective way to study JAMB and do it fast is by starting with past question papers. Past questions are most effective because they help you learn more about how JAMB asks questions and how to answer them.

It is not just about downloading CBT softwares but actually buying the hard cover booklet. The system of using past questions for study has a technique that brings out the most results and increases your chances of passing with flying color. 

You will learn this technique in this post because there are many routes to success in this examination but my system worked for me and I know it will work for you.

Why Tutorial Centers Are Not The Most Effective Way To Study For JAMB

There are certain students that need explanations from teachers to be able to understand a topic. If you are that student then lessons from tutorial centers are for you.

The key to preparing for JAMB with tutorial centers is that you will have to start on time – at least 6 months before your exam date.

The center will have to be equipped with all the teachers you need for your subjects and these teachers must be qualified.

Then you will have to pay close attention coupled with the textbook to back up their lectures.

But if you have a short attention span like I  do, then you will know that people like us cannot sit in a class for more than 2 hours. The moment we’ve exhausted our limit, we don’t understand what the teacher is saying anymore.

What I am trying to say is that if you want to use lessons from tutorial centers, then be ready to be serious coupled with the monthly fees you pay that can be a worthy or wasteful investment in your education.

Going further, have you witnessed a situation where a teacher spends hours explaining something only to ask questions on what was taught and no student can be able to answer?

I am sure you have witnessed this scenario a couple of times.

Your lesson teachers are fair, JAMB will not be that lenient on you. If they ask a question and you don’t answer correctly, you have failed that number.

If you have this issue you will have to find the best way to study for your JAMB examination.

Why Textbooks Are Not The Most Effective Study Material For JAMB

Please take note, do not quote me that I said you shouldn’t read your textbook for exam preparation. I am saying that if you want the best way to study then you shouldn’t focus on textbooks alone. 

If you understand what I am saying then let’s proceed. The method I am about to teach works best when you combine it with textbooks and tutorial or private lessons.
It is possible that you can spend hours reading textbooks back to back only to attempt past questions and see yourself being graded below 40% because you failed most of the questions.

What happen?

Does it mean you have not been reading or don’t understand what you’ve read, it’s just that your question and answer mindset needs to be trained.

JAMB examiners definitely get their questions from the same textbooks but draw up questions in a way that makes it difficult for candidates to understand.

Unless you are taught how it is done, you will not get the trick on how to study your textbooks. The textbooks only method was a failure for me until I combined them with my past question booklets.

Why JAMB Past Question Booklets Is Very Effective For Study

The main reason why past question booklets are the best is because JAMB is in the habit of repeating questions. Though not literally, but in a twisted and trickier way. 

This doesn’t mean the question is different or the answer any different. The moment you understand this trick, you should be able to identify the right answer option.

There is no new information on what you’ve studied in your secondary school. No new information means your textbooks are still valid and will be used for many years to come. 

Because there is no new information, JAMB examiners don’t have any other means to come up with new questions. They can only recycle old questions or combine two old ones to generate a new one.

When you read about 7 years of JAMB past questions, you should be able to spot the trick and how JAMB asks their questions. If you know how questions are asked then you should know how to answer JAMB questions.

You will not see JAMB types of questions in your textbooks or tutorial centers. You can only have an idea of how JAMB trick students by reading past questions.

How To Use Past Question Booklets 

I have been talking about past questions throughout this post. It is now time to talk about how to use past questions effectively because the one I assume you use is not it.

  • First you get the booklets, I mean the past questions you buy in the market.
  • When you have them then get a pencil and start ticking all the correct answers to the questions.
  • It is important that you tick the right answers to all the questions in the booklets.
  • After you’ve completed it, you start reading the past questions and the right objective answer like a textbook or novel.

I know some readers know about this technique while a good number doesn’t. You might also think that it is too easy to be the most effective way but I can tell you it is.

The aim here is to get you in a state of mind to get used to JAMB questions and answers and also teach you how they set their questions and how they make questions look tricky.

You can learn all this with this system.

There is no harm in trial, all you have to do is complete the booklet back to back. There is nothing to lose with this system. You will see what I am talking about.

Remember, read questions, read the right answers. 

You will see the magic.

What Of Past Questions Websites, Apps And CBT Softwares

Past questions websites, apps and CBT softwares are important also in your preparation for JAMB but I don’t think they are better than the booklets.

You can use them when you are a few weeks or days to your exam and you want to test your ability.

You can also use them for preparations too but you will learn faster when you use my technique. Other options of study can be used as additional means to get yourself more prepared for the exam.

In Summary

From this post, you can see that passing your JAMB means you have to study systematically. Now you know the secret of JAMB and how they set their exam questions, passing with a high score is not impossible.

Remember, I am not telling you to abandon your tutorial or private teacher. Do not stop reading your textbooks but combine them with your past question booklets.

You can make use of past question websites and apps or CBT when are about testing your knowledge so far – probably a few weeks to your exam date.

You should be prepared  for success when you use this method.