Jamb Tricks All Candidates Should Be Prepare For On Exam Day

This post is written with the aim of helping JAMB candidates prepare for their exam. There are lots of tricks being pulled by this examination body with their questions and many students don’t know these tricks. If you are ignorant of these tricks, you might assume you chose the right answer to a question not knowing you failed it. In this post you will learn what those tricks are and how to avoid these pitfalls.

  1. No repeated questions

You will be mistaken if you think that JAMB does not repeat past questions. I can very well tell you that if you learn the right way to study past questions, you will meet more than 50% of any examinations being twisted past questions.

You have to understand that in examinations that are to be written by graduated secondary students, every question that there is to ask in exams have been asked. It can only come from the syllabus and textbooks you used during your secondary education.

Additional questions can only be asked in the light of new discoveries but until then, no other new questions will be asked. Examiners can only recycle old questions and make them look trickier and new.

So if you want to prepare for JAMB, learn to use past questions.

  1. Trickier easy questions

One of the reasons why JAMB is seen to be more difficult than WAEC is because their examiners are smart and never ask questions directly.

They have a way of twisting the questions even when it is supposed to be a simple and straight one. 

One of their tricks is asking trickier questions and making it look easy. They provide you obvious answers that are wrong and most students make the mistake of choosing these answers. It is only students that have been taught this trick that take a moment back to restudy the question and carefully look at the answer options. 

If you are not calm and smart, you might miss the right answer and choose the obvious wrong one that most students will choose.

I understand that if you study hard, most questions will be easy on exam day. But have it in mind that they can make trickier questions look easy too. Do not fall for this trap.

  1. Similar answer options

This is where you have to study hard because JAMB examiners have this ability to ask questions and provide similar answer options that might be confusing on which one is correct.

These types of questions are common with Use of English where you might be confused about punctuations, spellings and grammar even if it was supposed to be easy.

More reason why it is important that you take a deep breath before starting a new subject. You want to be as calm as possible when you read any question.

Even if you studied hard, if you are tense during the exam, you will definitely miss the right answers even when the question is simple.

Confidence and caution are two important aspects of passing any examination whether JAMB or WAEC.

  1. Enough time assumption

Do not for a moment assume that you have enough time in any examination, JAMB included. Even if you have trained yourself to finish your questions before the recorded time, it is important you go through your questions and answers again in order to ensure that you are not missing anything.

You might be surprised to see those simple looking but trickier questions that have obvious wrong answer options.

  1. Result augmentation

Never go to your exam with the assumption that even if the exam seems generally difficult, JAMB will augment their result and add marks to everyone. 

Do not be deceived by anyone that he or she has the connection to increase your JAMB score from Abuja. That is not true. You can only get scammed in this process.

All you have to do is study hard and smart so that you are able to get all the scores you need on that day. There is no assistance or result augmentation. This mindset can only make you fail because you will not put much effort in studying or answering properly.

  1. Examination assistance

The new computer based JAMB exam does not allow expo or special center on that day. No one is coming to your aid or throwing you small sheets with each number marked with the right answer alphabet.

This is not possible and will not be happening, besides no one knows what the questions are like and you cannot print it out at once so that someone will go and solve it and bring it back to you.

Also, JAMB pays these test centers lots of money for proper invigilation and this money is good business for them. No one will like to cut off a business relationship with JAMB when they are paid tens of millions of naira yearly.

It is important to them that their centers are not marked for any form of malpractice so not allowing it is serious business for them.

Do not allow anyone to deceive you.

  1. They Wants you to pass

Never for a moment assume that JAMB has your best interest at heart and would be happy if you make high grades. If you fail, it is another money in their pocket because they know you will try again next year.

This is why their questions are trickier and seem harder than WAEC.

You have to assume that you are going to war on that exam day so studying hard and identifying all their tricks is important for you to pass with a high score and come out with flying colors.

Why JAMB Wants You To Fail

JAMB is the examination body in charge of admission into higher institutions in Nigeria. Make no mistake, this is the body that offers you admission, not the institution. The university can only make recommendations to JAMB on students they feel suit their institution and JAMB can only agree. When it comes to your admission letter, you can only print it from the official page in the JAMB website and not from the university.

The only way JAMB makes money to run the body is through the forms they sell. Other funds can come from late entry registrations, change of course/institutions and direct entry forms. 

More ways can be sales of cards to print admission letters and result checkers if you have exceeded the number of times for free checking.

That said, of all these methods, exam registration form is their highest source of income. So it is good business for JAMB if the number of candidates that register each year increases.

Trust me, though the exam is meant to test your ability to attend a higher institution, they would be happy if lots more students fail so they come back next year to buy another form.

So if you think JAMB has your best interest at heart, you must be mistaken. This is why they apply every trick in their book to make sure as many students as possible find it difficult making the cut-off mark of most institutions.

So if you want to pass with a high score, you don’t only study hard, but study smart. That is how you beat JAMB to their game.

Also Reason Why JAMB Is Not Challenging Post-Utme

We just talked about how JAMB is the only body powered by the Nigerian government to offer admission to qualified candidates.

JAMB also has the right to adopt the cut-off marks of institutions where necessary and also retain the right to allocate the number of students a university is supposed to admit in any given year.

They get these figures from NUC based on the last accreditation done by each department in the university. If your preferred institution expands their facility, they are to invite NUC and JAMB so as to increase their quota of students they can receive from JAMB for admission.

Then how come universities are now setting the pace and deciding who gets admitted or not. How come if you don’t make good grades in your post-utme examinations, even after passing JAMB you still will not be admitted.

It is because post-utme is in line with the JAMB’s financial target – bring back as many students as possible to come back the following year and register for the exam again.

If post-utme exams do not favor JAMB, they would have ordered all universities to cancel it, after all their exam is now more credible than it was when it was paper based.

Since there is less than 5% exam malpractice nationwide with JAMB, how come universities have to screen students again before being admitted.

If that is the case, then JAMB should be scrapped and every university set examination according to their standard of admission.

You now see that it is important that you learn tricks used by JAMB to scale through so that a good score from your post-utme examination will guarantee you a place in your department of choice in your desired university.