Stress Free Way To Pass JAMB Without Studying (Ultimate Guide)

Do you want to learn how to pass JAMB without going through the daily stress of studying day and night? Then you are in the right post because I am about to reveal to you one of the best kept secrets that has worked for many years.

Passing JAMB without studying is very possible when you do it the right way. By not studying I don’t mean not reading at all, I mean the fastest way to study for JAMB that doesn’t involve reading day and night. It is easy and with a few hours a day, you should be ready for our JAMB examination in less than a month.

This is the post you want to read if you are busy and don’t have time to study everyday for JAMB. This system can also work if you have less than two weeks to take the exam.

It is not possible to cover the vast amount of syllabus JAMB provides for their candidates within the shortest period of time. The textbooks are massive and you need at least six months of intense reading and tutorial classes to make an average score.

Trust me I know what it means to avoid stressful studies because I went through the same process but was not able to make the admission cut-off marks for the institutions I wanted admission from.

It was not until I discovered this ultimate tip was I able to make 273 in my JAMB score but also made merit list for mechanical engineering in my desired university.

So if you want to learn how I did it, then read on because I have a lot in store for you in this post.

Why Studying Textbooks and Tutorial Centers Can’t Help You Pass JAMB

The norm of studying for JAMB is getting textbooks on the four subjects you want to write in JAMB start reading them. The second step most students take is registering with tutorial centers for lectures on their desired subjects.

Yes you can pass JAMB through these techniques but the problem I have with these methods is that you need to get involved with them for at least six months before your exam date to get a high score.

It is same when you want to rely on CBT softwares alone to practice for the exam.

By six months I mean with all seriousness and no distractions. Life does happen and once in a while we tend to get distracted by important things. High JAMB score is very important if you want to study professional courses like medicine, law, pharmacy, engineering and other courses that are held in high esteem.

This does not mean that other courses are less important because the cut off mark for these courses are increasing yearly. It is expected because of the increasing number of candidates that register for JAMB each year.

Universities now use higher cut off marks to screen off students they don’t want to offer admission to. Even if it is English and Library Science, you still need at least 200 for a start to stand a chance with most federal schools. The space is competitive so you have to work hard.

Which is why it is important that you learn the best ways to study without stress so that you can make a high score. Trust me, what I am about to reveal to you does not involve your thick textbooks with hundreds of pages. Attaining a 300+ score in JAMB is very possible with this method.

All you have to do is spend a few hours daily and you will be prepared for your JAMB examination faster than you can imagine.

The best way to pass JAMB without studying

The best way to read and pass your JAMB without studying is through the one and only past question papers. Yes you heard me right. These are powerful tools that have been ignored for many years by most students. 

Past questions are seen as one of the ways to study for exams but most students don’t give it a priority because to them these are old questions and are no longer necessary for the current exams.

Wow, I bow my head in disappointment to students that think this way because they have refused to open their eyes to “The diamond in the dirt”.

To tell you the honest truth, I wrote JAMB four times before I gained admission and I know back then that some people have written JAMB more times than I have and are yet to gain admission.

I have tried almost all kinds of study systems to pass JAMB but to no avail. Not until I gave past questions 80% of my time did I pass maths which was the last of my WAEC result to make admission and also pass my JAMB with a high score.

The year I applied the past question technique is the year I passed both my JAMB and WAEC. I needed just mathematics to complete my ‘O’ Level result so I registered for Nov/Dec WAEC which is known as GCE.

After studying and writing the GCE, I made all the papers and abandoned my May/June WAEC that was written in my secondary school.

It was the GCE result that I used for admission screening. Rather than combine two results, I used only one. This is after I had passed both my JAMB and post-utme examinations in flying colours. 

I made the merit list which had only five students on them.

So I can promise you that past question technique works. You can use this method to pass JAMB with a high score and also post-utme examinations.

Why past questions is the best way to pass JAMB

Because the questions you see in these past questions have been asked before by JAMB doesn’t make them useless. You need to understand one thing about exams written in Nigeria, whether WAEC, NECO or JAMB.
All the questions that there is to ask in these exams have already been asked. There is no new research to disprove the chemical equation in your textbook or the theory of utility in your economic textbook.

Since there are no new studies to change what you have in your textbook, JAMB examiners cannot come up with new questions. They can only recycle old ones and make them look as tricky as they can so questions don’t look similar.

A few questions from 2001 and a few from 1998 and a few from 2005 and voila, they have all the questions they need to set a new year’s exam.

Once again, you must not expect the questions to come literally like that of the past questions, they might twist the grammar but it is most times the same thing. 

There are times the correct answer in a certain year is used as the questions and the question used as answer options. You get the point. It is all about opening your eyes and catching their tricks.

How about passing without studying through expo

This system worked in the past when JAMB was paper based like WAEC. Back then, it is possible to lay your hands on the question papers the night before the exam. Corruption was in high places until a new and strict JAMB registrar was appointed and expo became tougher to come by.

The issue of expo ended the moment JAMB exams was moved to a computer based exam and invigilators handed over to private organizations.

You need to understand that JAMB pays these CBT exam centers huge amounts of money to conduct malpractice-free examinations. 

Because their business depends on this money and CCTV cameras installed in the hall, they wouldn’t want to lose their business partnership with JAMB.

So it is important for them that no candidate receives any form of external assistance so as not to get them banned by JAMB. Besides, no one knows the questions they get until the day of the exam so the issue of leaked exam paper is impossible.

So rather than look for ways to get expo on the exam day, use this past question technique that I am going to teach you and passing your JAMB with a high score will become possible without stress.

You don’t have to open a textbook unless you want to. It worked for me, it worked for my junior brother that struggled to pass JAMB and I am sure it will work for you.

Best of all, you can be prepared for the exam in the shortest possible time.

How to use past question papers to prepare for JAMB

If you want to learn how to prepare for JAMB using past question papers, here is the step by step process.

  • First get a pencil and eraser
  • Open the answer to each year’s questions and tick the right answers on the questions.
  • Thirdly, start reading the questions and correct answers like you are reading any novel.
  • When you are through, you start again from the beginning either after going through the questions or repeating each year twice or thrice before moving to another year’s questions.
  • After you have become confident with your knowledge, you can now erase the pencil and study without the ticked answers.

The reason why this system works is that before you exhaust five years worth of past questions, you will begin to see the pattern in repeated questions. 

Secondly, you train your mind to identify questions and their answers fast. It is possible for you to spend hours reading a textbook only to be asked questions on what you’ve read and you can’t answer.

But with past questions, you put yourself in that position to be able to identify certain questions and the right answer. 


Though you candidates can no longer get assistance during examinations because it is computer based, JAMB is very easy to pass. 

My reason is because, since you are provided options to pick from as answers, it is easier to pass as it is to fail. But when you know how to prepare for JAMB, identifying at least 60% correct answers is very possible. All you have to do is pick up your past question papers and start studying them like any other textbook you know.